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2015 Poster Session Abstracts

The College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

Title, Principal Investigator and Abstract for the 2015 A Look Ahead UMBC Faculty Poster Session


MCAC-Molecular Charaterization and Analysis Complex: An Overview

Joshua A. Wilhide & William R. LaCourse

The MCAC at UMBC under the College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences is dedicated to developing cutting edge analytical techniques in order to solve modern problems while providing a stimulating learning environment and exposure to research for both undergraduate and graduate students. The lab strives to be an environment of peer mentoring, professional team building, and a place to develop critical thinking skills by fusing academic research with both teaching and industry. The MCAC hosts an array of state-of-the-art open source instrumentation designed to support faculty and staff not only at UMBC, but at any university, and provides small businesses, non-profits, and industry access to analytical services. The facility specializes in general analytics with expertise in method development across a wide range of platforms.

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