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Past Events

ALA XVII (2014)

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Dr. Phyllis Robinson
The significance of the novel visual pigment, Melanopsin, in non-image forming vision

Dr. Eve Marder
Brandeis University
Individual Variability and Robustness in Neuronal Circuits

ALA XVI (2013)

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Dr. Michael Summers
Insights into the Mechanism of HIV-1 Genome Packaging and Assembly

Dr. Peter Agre, Nobel Laureate
Johns Hopkins
Opening Doors Worldwide through Medical Science

ALA XV (2012)

Dr. Charles Bieberich
Modeling Prostate Disease to Understand Mechanisms and Develop Therapeutics

Dr. Martin Chalfie, Nobel Laureate
Columbia University
GFP: Lighting Up Life

ALA XIV (2011)

Dr. Carol Hall
NC State University
Thermodynamic and Kinetic Origins of Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases

Dr. Priyabrata Mukherjee
Mayo Clinic
Cell-Nanomaterial Interactions: Implications in Anti-angiogenic Therapy

ALA XIII (2010)                 

Dr. Kristi Anseth
University of Colorado, Boulder
Body Building—Designer Gels to Promote Tissue Regeneration

Dr. David Stump
Human Genome Sciences
Realizing the Promise of Genomics

ALA XII (2008)

Dr. Thomas Cech
Crawling out of the RNA World

Dr. George Georgiou
University of Texas, Austin
Engineering the Next Generation of Protein Therapeutics

ALA XI (2007)

Dr. James Young
Innovation in Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Development

Dr. Albert Reece
UMD School of Medicine
Biomedical Research in the 21st Century and its Impact on Health

ALA X (2006)

Dr. David Tirrell
New Ways of Thinking About Polymers and Proteins

Dr. Oliver Smithies
UNC Chapel Hill
History of Stem Cell Research

ALA IX (2005)

Dr. Laura Kiessling
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Chemistry for Controlling Embryonic Stem Cell Fates

Dr. Ronald T. Raines
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Enzymes as Chemotherapeutics

ALA VIII (2004)

Dr. Christopher Walsh
Harvard Medical School
Antibiotics:  Past, Present and Future

Dr. Gregory Stephanopoulos
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Exploring the Bioengineering Frontiers: Design of Novel Antimicrobial Peptides

ALA VII (2003)

Dr. Robert Ruffolo
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Building Success in Tomorrow’s Pharmaceutical Industry

Dr. Leroy Hood
The Institute for Systems Biology
After the Genome Project:  Looking Forward

ALA VI (2002)

Dr. David Baltimore
The California Institute of Tech
Living Interdisciplinary Science

Dr. Polly Matzinger
On Immunity:  Thoughts from the Past Century and Ideas for the Next One

Dr. Barry Buckland
The Future of Biochemical Engineering:  The Pharmaceutical Industry Perspective

ALA V (2001)

Dr. Claire Fraser
The Institute for Genomics Research
The Impact of Genomics on Biology, Medicine and Agriculture

Dr. Thomas Cech
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Genomics and Bioinformatics:  Views from the Trenches and from the Farm

Dr. Sangtae Kim
Lilly Research Laboratories
Informatics in Pharmaceutical Industry:  The Next Frontiers

ALA IV (2000)

Sr. Solomon Snyder
JHU School of Medicine
Visionary Perspective

Dr. Craig Smith
Guilford Pharmaceuticals
The Prospects for Neuroregeneration

Dr. Anthony Czarnik
Illumina, Inc.
Cubes and Tubes, Chips and Tips:  The Combinator Revolution in Drug Discovery

ALA III (1999)

Dr. Thomas Steitz
Yale University
Approaching the Atomic Struct. of the Ribosome: The 50S Subunit – 5A Resolution

Dr. Shirley Tilghman
Princeton University
Genomic Imprinting: It’s Mechanism & Function

Dr. Craig Venter
Celera Genomics
Decoding the Human Genome